Turkey continue to block NATO -///=> ANP
Turkey continue to block NATO
Turkey continue to block Finish and Swedish membership to NATO and thus stopping also expansion of Atlantic Alliance. NATO officials and diplomats are getting more worry for Turkish game and they are not sure how and where the game will end.

Turkey continue to block NATO

NATO is worry Turkish blockage continue  

Roni Alasor / March 5, 2023  - Middle East Diplomatic  - Turkey continue to block Finish and Swedish NATO membership and thus stopping also expansion of Atlantic Alliance. NATO officials and diplomats are getting more worry for Turkish islamist regime’s policy and they are not sure how and where the game will end.

In next June, it will be one year since the representatives of Turkey, Finland and Sweden have agreed over a so called TRILATERAL MEMORANDUM under “the auspices” of the NATO Secretary General where turkist islamists push Sweden and Finland to sign also against Kurdish YPG forces, a US and NATO military ally fighting against islamist terror gangs and criminals backed officially by Turkish islamist regime.

But since the so called Madrid agreement in June 2022, the Turkish regime still blocks the Finish - Swedish NATO membership, thus also stopping NATO expansion, which very welcomed by the Russian President Putin. Mr Putin is happy with blockage and he has a great economic, financial, trade and even military cooperation with Turkish Erdogan.

Several NATO officials and diplomats who spoke with CNN, saying that they are still pessimists and they do not believe that both Nordic countries can join NATO by this summer.

According to CNN, multiple NATO officials and diplomats told that the danger here is Turkey’s block feeding the Kremlin narrative that the West and NATO are divided. The alliance’s job at that point will be to make clear that even if they are not members, Finland and Sweden are now effectively in lockstep with NATO. They might not be members, but they are as close partners as it’s possible to be – and they are not neutral any more.

Turkish state, which is openly connected and supporting the islamist –criminal gangs as well as in Syria, has low reputation of democracy and human rights claiming everyone, even Europeans as “terrorist” if someone talking about fundamental rights of Kurdish people, but not only in turkey, also in Syria (Rojava) or in other parts of Kurdistan.


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