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Who tried to kill the Kurdish anti ISIS General?
The convoy of General Mazloum Abdi, commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and a close ally of the USA and the Global Coalition against ISIS, was targeted by drone. (Photo: General Mazlum with US CENTCOM Commander Michael Kurilla.)

Who tried to kill the Kurdish anti ISIS General?

Roni Alasor / 8 April 2023 - Middle East Diplomatic - A convoy carrying General Mazloum Abdi, the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a close ally of the US and the Global Coalition Against ISIS, was targeted with a drone strike in the Kurdish town of Suleymania in Federal Kurdistan (KRG). Several members of the US Special Forces were in the same military convoy. The Kurdish general was in Suleymania to participate in a joint work programme of the US-led coalition against terror ISIS.

General Mazloum Abdi, who plays a crucial role in the fight against Islamist terror gangs in close cooperation with the US and the anti-DAESH coalition, confirmed to the media that he was in the convoy that was attacked by drones near Suleymania airport in the KRG.

"I was in Sulymaniyah at the head of a delegation of the SDF. We have joint operations rooms with the counter-terrorism agencies of the Iraqi government and the KRG with the knowledge of the Global Coalition. They always lead to fruitful results in favour of stability both in Syria and Iraq."

He underlined that Turkey has tried to kill him several times. "Erdogan is trying to win the elections and create a state of chaos to eliminate the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria so he can open the door for a new invasion in the region."

The terrorist attack and details were officially confirmed by the US Central Command / Pentagon that at least several "US military personnel were also in the convoy during the terrorist attacks, which also directly threatened the safety of US personnel."

The military and political sources from the EU, the US and NATO, who do not want to be named, do not want to blame Turkey, but some of the sources add that "the terrorist attack against Kurdish General Mazloum Abdi and US counter-terrorism special forces may have been perpetrated by Turkey." But as long as Turkey remains silent, at least it has not denied r condemned the attack.

Commenting the recent Turkish attack to the Associated Press (AP), the former anti Daesh coalition spoke person (retired U.S. Col.) Myles B. Caggins III, said hat “Turkey sent a warning shot. A deadly and dangerous and provocative warning shot when it fired a missile at the convoy.”

Currently working as senior non-resident fellow at the U.S.-based New Lines Institute for Strategy, ret. U.S. Col. Caggins added that it appears Turkey was sending a warning to both the United States and Iraqi Kurds to stop supporting the SDF. He added that Turkey is likely to continue such attacks “with impunity” because it says the SDF is aligned with the PKK and “therefore Turkey feels justified in targeting” the SDF.

Mick Mulroy, former deputy defence secretary, told media in Rojava and AANES: "Although Turkey has not claimed responsibility for the attack, it is very likely that it carried out the attack." He pointed out that if US soldiers were killed or injured in the attack on the convoy, "it would cause a deep rift between two NATO partners."

Turkey, as a member of NATO, works hard against Kurdish-American-Western cooperation in eliminating Islamist terror gangs, but openly supports the criminal radical Islamist terror groups, with no official criticism from NATO officials.

3 weeks ago, on 15 March 2023, a suspicious helicopter crash in the KRG killed at least nine members of the Kurdish Anti-Terrorist Units (YAT) from Rojava/AANES, including their leader, Shervan Kobani. The crash occurred in the border area between official Turkey and the KRG which is also war zone between Turkish army and PKK Guerilla forces (HPG). There have been different theories, speculations and accusations regarding the helicopter crash.


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